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Chat Facebook Style On-the-Go with Facebook Messenger

Setting up Facebook Messenger on your phone is simple. All you have to do is go to fb.me/msgr on your phone’s web browser. Alternatively, you can go to the Android Market or App store and find the Facebook Messenger app there. So, stop taking the time to login to Facebook on your phone every time...
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PNR Status: How to Check Your Status

There are a number of ways to check the PNR status of your Indian Railways reservation. You can download an app for your smartphone to check the status of your Indian Railways reservation. There are also a few websites that allow you to check your PNR status. Here are some of the most popular methods...
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Seen iPhone App

Facebook Video Calling for iPhone

Seen is a free app you can purchase from the App Store. It works on all iPhone models, all iPad models, and 4th generation iPod Touch models. Once you’ve downloaded it, all you have to do is type in your Facebook login information, and then you can select friends from your Facebook friends list to...
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train seat availability

Current Status of Train App Now Available for Android

You can use the Indian Rail Info App to search for trains, get PNR statuses, figure out a train’s arrival and departure information, check for available seats, and inquire about train fare and potential seat upgrades. There are a few other apps on the Android market that provide users with detailed...
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Facebook Video Calls

Video Chatting on Facebook: Tips and Tricks

Video chatting on Facebook is a great way to virtually connect with friends face-to-face. If you’ve never video chatted on Facebook before, you may be wondering how the video chat feature works. And you may be wondering what kinds of things you can do with Facebook video chat. Here are some tips to...
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Hulu Plus on Wii Has Arrived

Hulu had originally announced that they would deliver Hulu Plus on Wii by the end of 2011. When that didn’t happen, it seemed as though a Hulu app for Wii might not ever materialize. Today, however, the Nintendo Wii finally joins the roster of gaming consoles and media players that allow users to stream...
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Nook Color

Save $50 on Nook Color Tablet for 2 Days on eBay

The Nook Color Tablet has cost $249 since its debut in late 2011. That price is $50 more that the price of its most fierce competitor, the Kindle Fire. Although many people consider the Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet to be a superior device, the Kindle Fire has remained the more popular of the two, probably...
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