Don’t Buy an iPhone 5 – Here’s Why? [Humor]

iPhone 5, the fifth generation iPhone is yet to be announced by Apple. Though it has been delayed now, it doesn’t stop from creative artists to reason out why one should buy iPhone 5.

MacTrast has come up with funny infographics to put forward a list of 9 reasons why you shouldn’t buy an iPhone 5.

9 reasons not to buy iphone Dont Buy an iPhone 5   Heres Why? [Humor]

No offense, but people who buy/upgrade Apple products are fools. Apple upgrades their products every now and then, and people go buy them and no wonder Apple = Microsoft + HP + Dell. Apple is worth $301 billion which is equivalent to $200.3 billion (Microsoft), $72.8 billion (HP) and $23.3 billion (Dell)

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