Spotify Launches in the U.S. | Get Free Invites Now

Spotify is a Internet music-streaming service that gives access to more than 15 millions songs for free. Spotify launched its services today in the U.S. and is available through select home audio devices. Currently, Spotify is invite only, but you sign up for a premium account and get access to music...
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How To Group Chat in Facebook

Facebook recently launched a video chat/call, powered by Skype which was rolled out for everyone instantly. However, Facebook had announced another feature called Group Chat which allowed you to chat with multiple friends who were online at the same time. Unlike the video chat, the group chat feature...
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Facebook Skype

How To Video Chat on Facebook

  Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg today announced Video Calling feature on Facebook, powered by Skype. Facebook has also introduced Group Chat and have added some more features to Facebook Messages. The Video Calling feature will begin to roll to everyone from next week and is available...
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How To Get the New Gmail Look – Quick Tip

Google has revamped its Google search homepage by removing the “Search” and “I’m Feeling Lucky” button along with adding a gray bar at the top. Google introduced a new elegant design for Gmail. This new look for Gmail was anticipated keeping the new look of Google Search...
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How To Delete Google+ Circles

Google+ Circles is a feature in Google Plus that allows you to categories your friends in which group you can add them to. It is almost simliar to creating groups. By default, Google+ comes with 4 circles – Friends, Acquaintances, Family and Following. You can create your own circles and add your...
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How To Install .APK Files on Your Android Phone

In my previous article I had written about Creating .APK Files for Android Phone. Now that you’re done developing your Android application or if you’re planning to install an app on your Android phone, then you must have the .apk file first. Follow the steps provided in this article...
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How To Create .APK Files for Android Phone

Android uses the .apk file extension for it applications. It denotes an Android Package (APK) file, a variant of the JAR format that is used for distributing and installing bundled components onto the Android operating system. The Androidsystem uses the certificate as a means of identifying the author...
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How To Get Google+ Account Without an Invite

  UPDATE: Looks like Google has removed this trick and has stopped working. Will keep you posted if I come across any other trick. Google launched it’s new service Google+ few days back and is available only via invite. Users who had Google Plus account could invite their friends, however...
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How To Remove Gmail People Widget

Gmail introduced the People Widget last month and began to roll out the new feature slowly to all Gmail users. People Widget is a small contextual sidebar to the right of your email messages that features information about the people you’re communicating with in Gmail. It features the job title of...
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How To Get Google+ Invites

  Google recently launched their new social service Google+ which enables users to share photos, video, add comments, send messages and more from a selected groups of friends. Google+ is (in a way) similar to Facebook and will be a tough competitor to Twitter and Facebook. Like Gmail and Google...
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