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Chat Facebook Style On-the-Go with Facebook Messenger

Setting up Facebook Messenger on your phone is simple. All you have to do is go to fb.me/msgr on your phone’s web browser. Alternatively, you can go to the Android Market or App store and find the Facebook Messenger app there. So, stop taking the time to login to Facebook on your phone every time...
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Seen iPhone App

Facebook Video Calling for iPhone

Seen is a free app you can purchase from the App Store. It works on all iPhone models, all iPad models, and 4th generation iPod Touch models. Once you’ve downloaded it, all you have to do is type in your Facebook login information, and then you can select friends from your Facebook friends list to...
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Facebook Video Calls

Video Chatting on Facebook: Tips and Tricks

Video chatting on Facebook is a great way to virtually connect with friends face-to-face. If you’ve never video chatted on Facebook before, you may be wondering how the video chat feature works. And you may be wondering what kinds of things you can do with Facebook video chat. Here are some tips to...
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How to Remove the “Orkut is Banned” Virus

It really irritates when you open your networking site to check your updates and you are always interrupted by some unwanted pop-ups. Now-a-days this problem is mostly faced by the orkut users. Every time you sign in to your account, a pop-up showing “Orkut is banned” annoys a lot. This is nothing...
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Facebook Logo

Funny Facebook Status Ideas and Updates

Can’t think of any updates to post on Facebook? Well, worry not. I have complied a list of funny Facebook status updates that you can post on your wall and brighten up your social networking profile page. Here’s a list of funny Facebook updates - #1. Scratch here – ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦...
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Her Life is Over Because of This Crazy Video – Facebook Scam

Yet another day, yet another Facebook scam. The new scam titled – “Her Life is Over because of this crazy video” with the description – “OMG this is embaarrassing!” is spreading like wildfire. You can notices the word “embarrassing” is misspelled incorrectly...
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Facebook Credits

1000 Free Facebook Credits Facebook Scam

Yet another scam is spreading on Facebook. The new Facebook scam promises to give you free 1000 Facebook credits upon following the steps provided. The scam comes with different domains and multiple descriptions all of which leads to the scam message. The scam titled – 1000 Free Facebook Credits...
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Get Google Plus Invite – Facebook Scam

Google+ was launched few weeks back and is currently under field-test. Users cannot directly sign up for a Google Plus account. They will have to either wait until Google+ is available for them or have to be invited by a current Google+ user. Google closed down the Google+ invite due to a high demand...
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BREAKING NEWS – Leaked Video of Casey Anthony CONFESSING to Lawyer! – Facebook Scam

  A new Facebook scam is underway titled BREAKING NEWS – Leaked Video of Casey Anthony CONFESSING to Lawyer! with a description Click To Watch – She can’t be retried, double jeopardy…OJ all over again! and link that leads to a scam website. BREAKING NEWS – Leaked...
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Check Out These Not So Sober Girls! – Facebook Scam

We all know Facebook has over thousands of scams that are spreading rapidly in no time. This is due to those catchy messages or titles that spammers add to their scams which makes users on Facebook curious to click on them. Once these fake messages are clicked, it will lead to a spam website or a...
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