Best Samsung Galaxy Tab Accessories

Are you planning to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab this Christmas season? Or you have already bought one and you’re looking out for some accessories? Well then, this is a post that lists out the best accessories you might want to buy. These accessories aim to harmonize the Galaxy Tab’s features and improve the experience the device offers. You can listen to music, watch videos, play games or edit your documents.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Multimedia Desk Dock

desk dock Best Samsung Galaxy Tab Accessories

This tablet dock makes sure that it’s always charged even when it is in use. It includes speaker outputs so that you can play back your tunes when it’s being charged. There’s also a mini HDMI socket to connect to your HD-ready TV for full HD video viewing or any compatible HD device. There’s also a headphone socket where you can plug-in your headphones and listen to your favourite tunes.

Samsung Keyboard Dock

keyboard Best Samsung Galaxy Tab Accessories

The Samsung Galaxy Tab keyboard dock makes it easy to edit your documents, send emails or update your information on your tablet. The keyboard is full-sized 83 key keyboard has a built-in docking station that holds your Galaxy Tab firmly in place, in a portrait position that’s great for viewing webpages, documents and emails.

Alpha Gadgets Screen Protector

alpha screen protector Best Samsung Galaxy Tab Accessories

LCD screens can easily be scratched and damaged, hindering the appearance and useability of the touch screen device and you really don’t wanna mess with you Samsung Galaxy Tab. The Alpha screen protector is easy to use and protects your SamTab’s screen from any scratches or damages.

  • Protect your screen against scratches
  • Full clarity
  • Exact fit for your screen
  • Maintain the appearance and useability of your screen
  • Easy to apply

Arkon Portable Fold-Up Stand

arkon portable stand Best Samsung Galaxy Tab Accessories
This portable fold-up stand is travel friendly tablet stand and is excellent for improving your mobile Galaxy Tab experience. Simple and user-friendly, the stand lets you watch movies, read an eBook, surf the web or conduct a presentation completely hands free.

TrendyDigital Folio Case

trendy digital folio case Best Samsung Galaxy Tab Accessories

TrendyDigital Folio Case protects Samsung Galaxy Tab from daily wear and scratches. This folio case includes storage pockets for pens, business cards. The folio case features fitted form for Samsung Galaxy Tab on the right compartment.

  • Protects Samsung Galaxy Tab from daily wear and scratches
  • Folio case that includes storage pockets for pens, business cards.
  • Thick elastic anchor system to secure Samsung Galaxy Tab inside the case
  • All the sockets on the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s panel are fully accessible.
  • Non-scratch double zipper to fully secure Samsung Galaxy Tab when it is not used.

Soft Silicon Skin Case with Stylus

soft silicon case Best Samsung Galaxy Tab Accessories

Protect your Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab with this soft silicone jacket. Made of high quality flexible silicone, with cutouts for essential functions. Very lightweight and high protection. The skin is covered with a clear protective layer for the ultimate in durability. High quality thick silicon skin which provides the ultimate buffer for protecting your device from bumps and knocks. Also includes a screen protectors and a stylus for your device.

Samsung in-car charger

A USB Car Charger for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet PC to be used in conjuction with the Samsung USB Sync-n-Charge cable

car charger Best Samsung Galaxy Tab Accessories

Samsung Galaxy Tab TV-Out Cable

tv out cable Best Samsung Galaxy Tab Accessories

Turn your Samsung Galaxy Tab into a multimedia station with this TV-Out cable. The 30 pin connector can hook up your Galaxy Tab to the TV so that you can watch videos, view slideshows and pictures and many more things on to a TV. It also has sound output so that you can connect it to a surround sound system as well as the TV.

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  1. December 30, 2010 at 11:42 pm #

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a great device, and probably the best option for a Android Tablet using Froyo 2.2, But the Galaxy Tab 2, which will be using Android Honeycomb 2.4 will be much better, since 2.2 was mostly designed for phones, and 2.4 was designed for Tablets.

  2. January 1, 2011 at 12:56 pm #

    Hey – Where can I get hold of these, esp. the HDMi multimedia dock, in INDIA?

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