LG OLED TV Wins Best in Show at CES 2012

CNET officially named the new LG OLED TV the best product at CES 2012. This revolutionary OLED TV will most likely be the first TV of its kind sold in the U.S., if Samsung doesn’t release the one they have in the works first. Officially called the LG 55EM9600 OLED, this TV may totally change the way Americans watch their favorite television shows and movies. What differentiates this TV from other OLED TVs sold in places like Japan is that it not only uses red, blue, and green pixels to display images on its screen. It also uses white pixels to increase the TV’s on-screen vibrancy of color.

lg oled tv 300x201 LG OLED TV Wins Best in Show at CES 2012The LG OLED TV is an impressive 55 inches and boasts a 1mm bezel. With a bezel that thin, users of the TV will be able to totally immerse themselves in the life-like images on screen and almost forget that what’s in front of them isn’t real. Consumers have complained that previous OLED TV models distort colors on screen from different angles. This LG OLED model, however, makes use of a proprietary algorithm that maintains the integrity of colors at any angle.

Every LG 55EM9600 will come with social media capabilities, Smart TV, and a Magic Motion Remote. The Magic Motion Remote comes with a built-in microphone and the option to set up passive 3D on the TV.  This passive 3D capability allows images to truly come alive on the television and makes this the perfect TV for playing 3D games and watching 3D movies.

In 2012, discussions of plasma vs LED will most likely fizzle out. We can expect that LG television reviews of this new LG TV will surface all over the internet. In 2013, we can predict that the question on people’s minds will be whether or not to buy the Samsung OLED TV or the LG OLED TV. LG predicts that by 2016, the price of OLED TVs will be the same as LCD TVs, at which point, the majority of U.S. consumers may switch over to this new and extraordinary kind of television.

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