How To Group Chat in Facebook

Facebook recently launched a video chat/call, powered by Skype which was rolled out for everyone instantly. However, Facebook had announced another feature called Group Chat which allowed you to chat with multiple friends who were online at the same time. Unlike the video chat, the group chat feature was released in break. Few users on Facebook will have to wait for sometime until group chat is enabled for their profile.

The Facebook group chat is quite easy to use and add friends to a group. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to group chat on Facebook.

Step One:

Open the chat box and select a friend to chat. Once you have selected a friend, click on the Setting button and select “Add Friends to Chat”

facebook group chat How To Group Chat in FacebookStep Two :

Once you’ve clicked on “Add Friends to Chat”, you can start adding your other friends to group chat by simply typing in their name.

group chat facebook How To Group Chat in Facebook

That’s it. Enjoy chatting now, in group icon smile How To Group Chat in Facebook

For now, Facebook has not a added Group Video Call/Chat Feature. However, we an expect this feature to be announced in the near future.

Here’s how to Video Chat on Facebook.

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