How To Delete Google+ Circles

Google+ Circles is a feature in Google Plus that allows you to categories your friends in which group you can add them to. It is almost simliar to creating groups. By default, Google+ comes with 4 circles – Friends, Acquaintances, Family and Following. You can create your own circles and add your friends to it.

Google+ is currently under invite basis. If you still haven’t got an invite for Google+, then you may probably have to wait a little longer as Google has closed down the invite feature due to high demand of Google+ invites. Google has also removed the process of joining Google+ without an invite.

Anyways, if you have created Circles in Google Plus and wondering a way to delete it, then here how you can do it.

Step One:  Click on Circles

Click on the circles button on the top of Google+ page.

google plus circles How To Delete Google+ Circles

Step Two: Select Circle

Now select the Circle that you want to delete. In the pop up box, click on Delete this circle link.

google plus circles delete How To Delete Google+ Circles

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