Who Viewed My Facebook Profile? A Scam!

Are you curious to know who has viewed your Facebook profile? Well, most of the users of Facebook are curious to know about this. But unfortunately, there is no such application or any way to know who recently viewed your Facebook profile.  Scammers are very much aware of this curiosity and have attracted users to fall for the trick by creating scam applications.

One such scam you might have noticed which states, “OMG OMG MG… I can’t believe this actually works! Now you really can see who viewed your profile!” is the one which thousands had fallen for.

omg facebook scam Who Viewed My Facebook Profile? A Scam!

However, in case, you’ve already fallen to a scam like this, its better you remove the application and revoke the rights of the applications to access your profile.

Go to Account > Privacy Settings > Applications and remove the application from your profile.

Try and avoid clicking on unrelated links or short links on Facebook or any other social networking site for that matter. This is the most common mistake users commit and fall for such scams. Best way to deal with it is to just ignore it.

Image credits: www.sophos.com


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