Recover Unsaved Documents – Microsoft Word 2007

Trouble is an uninvited guest. So is disaster and crash. You never know what happens next unless you have an 8 legged physic Octopus that can predict the future. It’s the same while you’re working on a Word document. You never know when your system crashes and hence, you screw your own a$s when you’ve realized that you hadn’t saved the document that you were working on. Lazy souls like you and me are prone to this. So, what’s the solution to it? Well, God alone bless our laziness, but there’s something we can do to recover our documents.

Microsoft Word 2007 comes with a feature that creates a backup copy of every document you create. By default, this feature is disabled. Here’s a step-by-step producer on how you can enable and take advantage of it.

Step 1: Click on the Microsoft Office logo (top-left corner) and click Word Options in the lower-right corner.

Step 2: The Word Option window pops-up. Click on Advanced and scroll down through the headings until you find the Save section.

Step 3: Check the Always create backup copy setting and press OK.

word backup Recover Unsaved Documents   Microsoft Word 2007

You’ve saved the settings and every time you create a new document, a back-up copy will be created automatically.

Now, how do you access the back-up copy? The back-up copies are saved with .wbk extension. Fetching the back-up copies is pretty easy. Open Search and type *.wbk (This filters your search results by displaying only the files that have .wbk extension).


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