You should stay safe from facebooks algorithm

You should stay safe from facebooks algorithm

The number one thing everyone agrees to when getting a device is about privacy and data but do you actually know what you signed up for? There is a sort of server that stores all your data some people found via various ways of accessing this data storage, And these  People found that their info was being stored.. and not just name and age let me tell you what they saw.

Data Storage

The first thing you see when you open this page is a bunch of icons. Now the first one has your name. The next icon has your age. Then your gmail account. So far pretty normal stuff, then we get to interests! Pretty strange all the stuff is standard for a google account but weirdly one of the people who accsessed this mentioned on a call about going to Greece and behold Greece was listed as their interest then they also really liked customizing things like case ect. and another interest that was listed was wallpapers and ads for  phone cases. Now the details started to get specific pretty weird. Along with this was an interest for being a parent which the user wasn’t but google used their data to predict their future. Along with that youtube publicly states every comment you leave is stored. They also know which phone and location you used for posting it. Now this is getting scary they also train their ai to recognize you even when your just in the background and even keeps track of your voice! Now even it knows everywhere you’ve been and for how long every path you took walking or driving or on a bus now you have to worry about every 30 seconds your life being recorded. Facebook is even worse and basically does the same thing and more companies do this everyday.

For the Future

You should stay safe from facebooks algorithm

Now this isn’t all bad this just means you should stop enabling location things and other services if you really care about your data. but at least you can rest at ease knowing criminals can now be caught and lives can be saved. Now if you seems scarred but want to know more I have another post how to keep yourself safe against hackers.


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