The Asus touch screen laptop is worth buying because of its high-quality, great design, and excellent performance. Even if you are a professional or a gamer, the Asus laptop would be the best option to consider. The Asus laptop is known for its features such as screen size, powerful processor, great display proportions, smaller bezel system, advanced operating system, and efficient style. There are varieties of models available in Asus, but here is the top 5 Asus laptops touch screen which comes with a better value and better model. These listed laptops will cover all your needs and it comes at a reasonable price.

Top 5 Asus Laptops Touch Screen:

Asus ZenBook Flip 15


This Asus ZenBook Flip 15 is a laptop that can be used for different purposes and if you are looking for a laptop that would meet all your requirements then this Asus touch screen laptop is the best option to consider.

This laptop has all the basic requirements and also it consists of some extra unique features which are making it unique and special. This two in one laptop consists of powerful specs that include a graphic card, stunning touch screen display, innovative and flawless design, can be login using facial recognition, lot of ports, and portable chassis.

Other extra features that are making this laptop unique and special are 360 degrees Ergo lift hinge, Kardon speakers, and Alexa integration. The main reason to consider this touch screen laptop is it is an incredibly thin and lightweight laptop, and the display screen is a vibrant and glare-free screen. Also, the folding of the 4k screen and screen pad are some of the best features to consider. The array of powering components offers a good level of performance.

Asus ROG Zephyrus M15 GU502

This Asus touch screen laptop brings out the latest and advanced technology. This laptop is an attractive one because of its stylish thin design and light gaming laptops. This would be the best option for the gamers, because of its decent array of graphically intensive games and also the battery will be last longer even though if you use it for a longer time. Every gaming laptop will be big and bulky in size but this Asus laptop stands unique as it is a thin and lightweight laptop. It is considered one of the most stylish gaming laptops which comes at an affordable price without making any changes in the hardware.

This laptop is attracting a lot of users as it has great design, excellent battery life, good gaming performance, and a fast screen. The display of this Asus touch screen laptop comes with a high-quality image and also consists of a vibrant screen. The gaming performance is also an excellent thing to notice as it comes with modern game settings.

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Asus VivoBook S15


This Asus affordable laptop comes with advanced and latest features and all these features come under a reasonable price. The display of the laptop comes with a thin bezel, bright, gorgeous, and splendid performance. This laptop is known for its sleek design, gorgeous color options, fast and good performance, and runs cool even when you use it for a longer time.

The design of the laptop is well-built with an exquisite design and the keyboard of the laptop tilts to a 3.5-degree angle. The keyboard offers a comfortable experience and the audio and heat management provides excellent features. This laptop comes in a lightweight and also it appears smaller so you can take this laptop when you travel.

This slim laptop consists of a card slot, LED indicators for charging, and a battery holder on the left side. On the right side, it consists of a C-port, headphone jack, and DC jack. The display of the laptop is sharp and bright and comes in rich colors. The sound of the speakers is good and clear and also the battery life is good.

Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA-DHM4


This two in one laptop is known for its portability, versatility, and good looking design and it is remaining everyone’s favorite. The 360 degrees hinge and a 12.5-inch full-HD screen come with Corning Gorilla Glass so you can use this laptop as a tablet, stand, laptop, and tent. It would be the best option for the professional as it offers high productivity and also it can be carried along with you when you are travel as it is comfortable, and also offer full-size keyboard. The keyboard will remind me of the MacBook as the distance between the keys will be 1.4 mm so there will be a minimal key float.

Even though the laptop has a sleek design feature, the other unique and best feature is the powerful fast Intel core processor. The storage of the laptop is 64GB and the RAM offered is 4GB so you can boot up in 3.5 seconds. Apart from all these features, this lightweight laptop offers free storage of 100GB on Google Drive for two years.

Asus ROG Strix Scar Ⅲ

This laptop is the best and high-performance laptop and you can consider this if you are looking for an excellent gaming laptop. The most notable and unique features of this laptop are strong performance in graphics, good battery life even though used for a longer time, smooth display, and comfortable keyboard.

Among the other laptop in the list, this asus laptops touch screen will provide all the features that are needed for the gaming laptop. The laptop is designed in a faux-aluminum and the keyboard comes with a decent design that offers a comfortable typing experience. Also, the keyboard offers a satisfying sensation both for gaming and typing as it consists of a carbon-fiber palm rest. The Asus ROG Strix Scar Ⅲ display is 15.6 inch and 1920*1080 display resolutions, so you can able to view bright and colorful images with smooth and high-quality. The responsive time of the laptop is excellent as it will get a refresh in less than 3-milliseconds. The audio system was practically solid and comes with awesome battery life.

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