As technology is growing, people’s comfort zone is also getting increased. When there was a portable computer, everyone turned to a laptop, and after that, everyone changed into a tablet. Now, people are looking forward to the 2 in 1 touch screen laptop which can be used as a laptop or a detachable tablet that comes with a touch screen and physical keyboard. Dell is known for its wide variety of laptops which come with a superior touch responsive and also with advanced features. Here is the list of the top 5 Dell 2 in 1 laptop.

Top 5 Dell 2 in 1 laptop:

New Dell XPS 13


This new Dell XPS 13 2 in 1 touch screen laptop consists of some advanced features and also it has a premium quality from all the angles. The sleek design, lightweight, and its attracting feature making this laptop a famous and popular one. They added some features in the new version that includes Intel 10th Gen and the screen becomes a 16:10 ratio.

Initially, the most important thing about this laptop is its screen, which comes in 1080p with high brightness and color. The screen comes with more pixels and also the benefit of 4k+ is available. The most unique feature of this laptop is, it has a barrel hinge below the surface of the keyboard deck.

The XPS laptop also comes with a 720p camera on top and when it comes to the keyboard it is properly designed. Not even a single space is left without purpose and the keycaps are large with small space between them. The performance of the system is good and also the battery life depends on how we use it.

Dell Latitude 7400


This Dell Latitude 7400 is the world’s first PC to use Intel’s context sensing technology, so using the sensors in the display you can detect the laptop even when you are far away from them. Other unique features of this laptop are the 4G sim slot, a lot of security features, and remote management.

This premium business laptop weighs less so it can be easily carried and it is perfectly designed so that it can be carried comfortably. The 14-inch full-HD display comes with high brightness and the Gorilla Glass 5 has been used to keep the glass away from scratches. It can also be used as a tablet and you can also use Dell’s active pen if you want.

Even though the body of the laptop is slim, it consists of all the necessary ports. The keys in the keyboard are arranged on the same level so that the keys can be prevented from making contact with the surface. It comes with a finger sensor and face recognition, and also the boot time is quick.

Dell Inspiron 15 7000

Dell Inspiron 15 7000

If you are looking for a vibrant and crisp display, then you can prefer Dell Inspiron 2 in 1 touch screen laptop. This flexible 2 in 1 design has a sleek aluminum design and comes with a gorgeous optional 4k display.

This premium designed laptop comes with a flexible display and it is provided with the gentlest of slope between the keyboard and touchpad. It has fewer ports when compared to the other laptop and the display comes with a 1080p option. The screen is 15.6 inch and the display has a good-quality with sharp, bright, and vibrant colors. The keyboards are arranged shallow and steep so that the user will get a comfortable typing experience.

The other notable feature of this laptop is bottom-firing stereo speakers, and the audio is loud enough. The 16GB RAM comes with a good performance and the battery life depends on our usage. The strong performance and discrete graphics solid machine laptop will be the best option for those who are looking for 2 in 1 high-resolution display.

New Latitude 7310

New Latitude 7310

This 13.3-inch convertible laptop comes with a sensor that will automatically turn on the screen when you come and go and also has a privacy screen that keeps the data away from the users. Also, it will handle the heavy processor load at a single time.

This new latitude 7310 laptops comes with 8GB of RAM and has 256GB of storage on the drive. The privacy and security features are excellent as it includes, fingerprint sensor, facial recognition, proximity sensor, webcam shutter, and safe screen display.

The sleek and sturdy designed laptop is a lightweight one and its 360 degrees make it convertible from tent to tablet mode. The slim display will come with the webcam feature and the privacy safe screen will come with a darker display. The premium keyboards are arranged in solid and sturdy, and the keys won’t shoot any rays in the direction of you when you type fastly.

The capacity of the battery is also a notable feature, and it has a generous number of ports. Even it has a good and better audio setting.

Dell XPS 15 2 in 1

Dell XPS 15

The Dell XPS is noted for its incredible screen, high performance, and fantastic low-travel keyboard. This 15 2 in 1 laptop is a thin bend-back notebook and it comes with a 4k screen which is vivid and beautiful. And also, the keyboard adds some innovative functions as it will respond quickly and also has low travel.

The thin and light designed laptop comes with a 15.6-inch 4k display and the soft-touch is made of carbon fiber which offers comfort and a great feel against your wrist while using. The display offers sharp, bright, and colorful images and videos. In the keyboard, they have reduced the thickness and attached a metal plate and magnet to create resistance. The sound of the speakers is loud and clear, you can even understand the mild sounds of guitar and drums.

The laptop is equipped with 16GB of RAM and has an Intel Core i7 system, so the performance will be better. Its dual fans will prevent the system from getting heat.

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